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False Flag Operations Continuum

False Flag Operations Continuum

No one believes in these false flag operations! I think they are badly exposed!! Even Murdoch readers of Australia and UK do not believe in them.   

USS Maine! Was it a conspiracy or convenient accident? According to Cavalry to Theocracy the US Cavalry to loot and rape native Indians, Pearl Harbor to trigger WW2, Gulf of Tonkin to trigger US terrorism in Vietnam and the 9/11 was a trigger to restart crusade against Muslims and Arabs while the 9/11 of 1967 is dead and buried under the water! The Theocratic Iranians Audacity ought to be the reason to unleash Zionised American Terrorism in Persia! Nothing new!!

9/11 of 2009, 9/11 of 2010, The wealthy Nigerian banking family bomber and Time Square Bomber joined the comedy of terror festival. Now `two condoms' posted to Jewish cesspool in USA to confirm and reconfirm `the credible terrorist threat"!!     

Would you believe John F Kennedy refused to approve one such false flag operation (Operation Northwoods)!

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  • dencol of perth Posted at 12:36 PM Today
Al-CIA-da up to their old tricks again. Yanks will be shaking in their boots. So who gets attacked next in the great master plan.
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  • sam maclean Posted at 12:55 PM Today
Where's the Kaboom...there was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom...
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  • Robert of Adelaide Posted at 1:04 PM Today
Just as former Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge admitted that fake terror alerts were issued by the Bush administration for political gain, Obama is taking a leaf out of the NeoCons playbook â€" and his timing couldn’t be better â€" just four days before the mid-term elections on Super Tuesday. Wake Up we are being HoodWinked again!
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  • Trevor of Adelaide Posted at 1:06 PM Today
Great to see the Yanks and Poms jumping at shadows. You lot deserve it. Zero sympathy.
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  • Grumpy Oldman of Traralgon Posted at 1:14 PM Today
It smells like a decoy to me. Something to distract the Intelligence forces while you sneak something in through the back door. Never underestimate the sneakiness of your enemy!
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  • Ian of Qld Posted at 1:15 PM Today
Let me guess, the next country for the yanks to invade is Yemen. I wonder what sort of oil resources Yemen has.
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  • Ian of Qld Posted at 1:19 PM Today
Without Howard in Government, hopefully Australia can distance itself from any threats that may occur.
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  • John of Perth Posted at 1:25 PM Today
@dencol of Perth. Ah the old conspiracy theorists, thick as a brick but you've got to love um.
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  • Xander Crews of "The Town" Posted at 1:27 PM Today
Oh well...longer lines for sure at US airports for sure now. Aussies will be hassled just as much as ever I expect.
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  • Tony Posted at 1:32 PM Today
We don't know when, we don't know where, we don't know how, we don't know who ...but something will happen! LOL ...and we won't do a public investigation of it when it happens...and don't ask questions when it happens ...oh, and you're either with us or against us ...and it was probably someone from the middle east. Send in the troops!!
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  • dalapolonga Posted at 1:46 PM Today
I'm sure Kevin Rudd with jetset there and do a nice speech and pretend to be important.
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  • Patrick of Melbourne Posted at 1:50 PM Today
Just checked the news update on this one. it was a hoax. Thanks for scaring everyone again president obama. hopefully next time you can scare eveyone enough to give up a little more of their rights.
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  • Middle-East Balls of America Posted at 1:57 PM Today
Evidently, this time the Saudis wants to move the US and Australian troops from Iraq to Yemen....
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  • Blair M of Melb Posted at 1:58 PM Today
Head in the sand to say that Howard is gone so the threat goes away, the threat is to us not just Howard..
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  • Parasites of Canberra Posted at 2:00 PM Today
Surely, tomorrow morning Gillard and Abbott will start a 6 month debate about invading Yemen and importing half a million war profuges....
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  • Steve of Adelaide Posted at 2:10 PM Today
Ah yes, the old "terrorist" canard again. Looks like there's another fundamental freedom somewhere that the despots of the West think it's time to take away. So what is it this time? Habeus Corpus is gone, innocence unless proven guilt is gone, freedom of speech is gone, freedom of assembly is gone, right to a fair trial is gone, so what's left? The right to breathe unmolested?
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  • Johnno Posted at 2:11 PM Today
How convenient. The US Mid Term elections are due on the 2nd November and Obama is tipped to get a pasting. Really, you guys need to get abit more creative.
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  • Van Helsing Posted at 2:13 PM Today
A suspicious package on two planes. Yet US drone planes are killing many innocents every week. The pot calls the kettle black !
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  • KT of USA of USA Posted at 2:15 PM Today
It is starting to irk me! I am one of those "yanks" you speak of. How dare anyone, or country to judge us because of the leaders we have. Sure they may have been voted in but we no more know of there personal going's on then you do of your elected officials.
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  • JFB Posted at 2:15 PM Today
To some of the people who have made comments on here so far..."what the hell are you guys on?" It's appalling to see such cynical, ignorant and presumably educated people alive and kicking.... Do us all a favour and return to the rocks you crawled out from under...
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  • P. Darvio of Sydney Posted at 2:26 PM Today
Religion - isnt it just wondeful!. 911 one day, night clubs the next and synagogues the day after. Yes Religion - we need more of it.
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  • David of brissy Posted at 2:42 PM Today
The USA is trying condition the minds of the US people that Yemen is a serious terror threat. (Not Hard). Just like they did with Iraq and Afghanistan. Throw enough mud and it sticks. Attacking these countries is just a strategic position for big oil and looking after the warmongering contractors. Remember there is a election coming up shortly in the US.
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  • Tango Posted at 2:51 PM Today
I thought that parcels/packages are checked for explosive devices and other nasties before loading onto planes. Guess I thought wrong.
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  • mike of sydney Posted at 3:06 PM Today
I call shenanigans on this, as soon as BA starts making sounds about getting rid of some of the over the top and basically useless security checks the US insist's on, there's a bomb scare on a plane...sounds more like the same old tired tune being played yet again just to keep us paranoid and jumping at shadows. you don't have to look to far in the past to see the same sham being played out before, so once again I cry SHANANIGANS. this is just too much of a coincidence.
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  • Marcus of Philippines Posted at 3:07 PM Today
Is it a coincidence that 3 days ago they were talking that security was too harsh and they wanted the regulations relaxed. Then this happens i smell an American conspiracy here
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  • Barny of Townsville Posted at 3:11 PM Today
I highly doubt this was genuine threat, rather propaganda from the elite to create fear so people will support their New World Order in the coming years.
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  • David of brissy Posted at 3:12 PM Today
KT of the USA. Do you fail to see that the US politicians, The too big to fail banks and big oil are destroying your country and trying to bring down the world with it. Have you not noticed the homeless people on every second set of traffic lights begging for money or are they just no hoper's????
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  • Brett G of sydney Posted at 3:12 PM Today
What a hoot a parcel from Yemen addressed to a synagogue in Chicago. Sheesh is that the best the terrorists can manage?
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  • Phil of Cairns Posted at 3:14 PM Today
But then this, Suspicious packages on UPS aircraft, no explosives By Simon Hradecky, created Friday, Oct 29th 2010 16:25Z, last updated Friday, Oct 29th 2010 21:25Z The US Transportation Security Administration ordered several flights of UPS to be searched for suspicious cargo after a suspicious toner cartridge had been found on a UPS flight in East Midlands,EN (UK) today around 03:30L (02:30Z). The suspicous cartridge, reported as bomb by a TV station, proved negative on tests for explosives. The TSA at this point does not yet rule out a radiological background however. The TSA said, the suspicious toner cartridge appeared to be manipulated.???????? So has Obama done a G.W.Bush and jumped the gun as in Iraq. Is his presidency losing that much popularity he needs a terror scare as G.W.Bush, Blair and Howard manipulated in Iraq. Is the next area of conflict for our and USA's troops going to be Yemen Australia again led into a beat up war.
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  • Steve of cairns Posted at 3:15 PM Today
Alot of "smart alec" comments on this site. I agrre JFB comment 20/23 I am surprised people know even how to turn the "on" button on their computer. Terrorism is still a threat just ask people of USA/England/Spain/Russia even us in Bali. i wonder in a terror strike in the heart of Sydney would make people realize the world is still a scarey place after 9/11.
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  • Kevin of Sydney Posted at 3:19 PM Today
It makes me feel sick when I read the comments in this column. The hatred of our closest ally USA is terrible. Not a word about the evil Al-Queda who rejoice and dance in the streets with every one of us that they can kill. What is wrong with you people? I am embarrassed to be an Australian if you are the majority opinion.
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  • Dave of Canberra Posted at 3:20 PM Today
3 days after Britian dares to question America's air security policies...?
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  • Fredo of Melbourne Posted at 3:29 PM Today
Extreme Greens still want to sit back and just leave the terrorists be (pull out of Afganistan etc etc) with all the Greens anti American anti-Western overtones & policies ??? What are your policies Mr. Brown. I challenge you to stand up in front of the BROAD media and tell Australians ALL your policies, including a detailed financial budget with the chance for INDEPENDENT scrutiny and prediction about where you would take us if you had your ways.
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  • DawnDrifter Posted at 3:31 PM Today
another scare tactic for the United Sheep of America. good timing around the midterm elections
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  • wolfie Posted at 3:32 PM Today
Looks like the Homeland Security Dirty Tricks Department is playing games again. Keep the fear mongering going! Disgraceful!
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  • Blue of Perth Posted at 3:37 PM Today
Obama not doing well in Primaries..ALL Aircraft are checked before loading for explosive it out!
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  • The Black Friday Baby of Brisbane Posted at 3:38 PM Today
Just because there was a package with explosives, it doesn't tell us who put it there. So we really don't know, do we, whether it was planted just in order to create the illusion of terror coming from "a global jihadist network". Who knows, maybe the CIA paid a Yemen person to put it on the plane. Who knows.... Oh hold on, someone's knocking at my door. Oh geez, they got a warrant for my arrest. The paper says... I'm subversive. I've been charged with being...
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  • Ben H of The Hills Posted at 3:47 PM Today
'Credible terrorist threat' right before the mid-term elections. Let the people think you're the man to deliver their safety, Mr. Obama. How convenient.
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  • S.Helen of Tas. Posted at 3:48 PM Today
Hey Ian of Q'ld - You want us to 'distance ourselves from any threat'. Don't you remember Bali or Mumbai?
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  • Ainslie Power of Perth Posted at 4:01 PM Today
It's all just total hogwash, designed to scare us, take away our rights and eventually introduce microchipping. How is it that we have'nt been able to win this war in 9 years?? Its a third world country!!! The terrorist attacks were designed to give the americans an excuse to invade Afghanistan. And by continuing to scare us blind with 'terror' this 'terror' and making up stories like this above just keeps us from saying enough is enough. We all know deep down, the truth is in plain sight.
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  • Ben H of The Hills Posted at 4:03 PM Today
'Credible terrorist threat' right before the mid-term elections. What a way to position yourself and the Democrats as paternalistic guardians and win the 'security' vote. Oh so convenient. And to those bagging 'conspiracy nuts', get a life and a clue - you're the ones being left behind.
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  • Mal of Sydney Posted at 4:07 PM Today
Just another made in Hollywood movie, this movie started to have many parts, it's time to change it into a serious, it seems it will be longer than the old "Dallas" show. Why the package was not removed in Dubai or London?, why they let the plane to leave Dubai or London?
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  • Johnno of Melbourne Posted at 4:08 PM Today
Don't tell me, that guy from the Labor party will tell us again this is another conspiracy theory, like 911, and that there is no evidence for it, and weak Gillard and Swan will let him get away with it.
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  • The Sandwich of Radelaide Posted at 4:10 PM Today
Convenient. Right before their elections. Some would call this a "false flag" event. Keep every one scared, and they are easier to manipulate, and will agree to anything. It's scare politics, and we've seen it all before.
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  • Jacob Kramer Posted at 4:10 PM Today
It's well known that the United States is planning to invade few more countries, how come they did not blame Iran, it's on the hit list.
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  • Matt of Brisbane Posted at 4:20 PM Today
These fake terror threats are getting a bit predictive and tiring. The global elite need to come up with a new scare to herd the sheeple more easliy.
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--- In, "Biplobi Faruque" <union_faruque@...> wrote:
Democratic and humanitarian (?) missiles, bombs and bullets are murdering millions of children, frail old ladies and civilians all over the world! They are not terrorism!
Without Osama no 9/11! Without 9/11 no illegal and immoral Israel centric, resource oriented war of geo-political domination in Afghanistan, Iraq, … !!
The wealthy Nigerian banking family bomber who could not blow up a balloon becomes a part of secret `controlled CIA operation'. Then the Time Square Bomber joined the comedy of terror festival. Now `two condoms' posted to Jewish cesspool in USA to confirm and reconfirm `the credible terrorist threat"!!     
I think this is another neo-con conspiracy and inside job to hoodwink stupid and gutless Americans. I therefore would like to know:
1.       Do we have statistics about STONING PEOPLE TO DEATH?
2.     What's happened to Obama initiated Peace Talk?
3.       Why do the Israelis pissing on the faces of Obama, Clinton, Mitchell, …?
5.       Why no one objected about the Gentiles Need To Die (Big Rabbi) episodes?
Please also do not ignore Toxic Links and Zio-Nazi Crime Spree

October 30, 2010 - 11:28AM

Obama: Credible terror threat

US President Barack Obama declares that authorities have uncovered a 'credible terrorist threat' against the United States.
President Barack Obama says authorities had uncovered a "credible terrorist threat" against the United States after the overseas discovery of US-bound packages containing explosives aboard cargo jets.
Obama said both had been addressed to Jewish organisations in the Chicago area.
The disclosures triggered a worldwide alert amid fears that al-Qaeda was attempting to carry out fresh terror attacks.
This video still obtained from the (CNN) allegedly show the circuit board attached to an ink toner cartridge found in a package aboard a UPS cargo plane.
This video still obtained from the (CNN) allegedly show the circuit board attached to an ink toner cartridge found in a package aboard a UPS cargo plane. Photo: -
The events "underscore the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism," the president said.
The packages both originated in Yemen, but Obama did not explicitly assign blame to al-Qaeda.
The events unfolded four days before US elections in which discussion of terrorism has played almost no role.
President Barack Obama pauses while makeing a statement to reporters about the suspicious packages found on US-bound planes.
President Barack Obama pauses while makeing a statement to reporters about the suspicious packages found on US-bound planes. Photo: AP
Obama stepped to the podium in the hours after officials disclosed that authorities in Dubai intercepted an explosive device bound for a Chicago-area Jewish institution.
The second package was aboard a plane searched in England, and officials said it contained a printer toner cartridge with wires and powder.
That second package was aboard a plane in the East Midlands, north of London.
Obama did not identify any institution that had been targeted.
Several other cargo planes at airports along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States also were searched, and officials said no explosives were found.
An Emirates Airlines passenger jet carrying cargo from Yemen was escorted from the Canadian border to New York City by two military fighter jets, US officials said.
They said it was a precautionary action.
An FBI spokesman in Chicago, Ross Rice, said both suspicious packages had been sent from the same address in Yemen.
The president refrained from assigning blame to Yemen's al-Qaeda branch, but officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were increasingly certain that was the source.
The same group was responsible for the attempted bombing of a US-bound airliner last Christmas.
The officials spoke on condition of anonymity, citing the ongoing investigation.
White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan later told reporters that the explosives "were in a form that was designed to try to carry out some type of attack," but he provided no further details.
"The forensic analysis is under way," he said, adding, "clearly from the initial observation, the initial analysis that was done, the materials that were found in the device that was uncovered was intended to do harm."

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What Do You Think About Double Dutch and Triple Tricks?

What Do You Think About Double Dutch and Triple Tricks?


Double Dutch and Triple Tricks

For more: Double Dutch and Triple Tricks


The Dutch Judicial System (prosecutors) is clearly saying that it is O.K. to hurt and Insult Muslims. They are also saying, “insulting Quran is not same as insulting Islam and Muslims”!!  

Anna Baltzer, Faruque Ahmed and Rabid Zionist and Tariq Ali and Paul McGeough are further evidence in support of previous postings.

I hope no one is going to use “anti-Semitism” to silence genuine criticism and holocaust to emotionally blackmail us.     

Geert Wilders supporters insanity and profanity could be viewed here! They are also Megabyte Nazis! They are scared of Israelis and Jews. Geert Wilders does not care about Gentiles Need To Die and many more disgusting comments and beliefs of Jews and Israelis.




What Do You Think About The Dutch Judicial system?

The Dutch Judicial System - it is O.K. to hurt and Insult Muslims  

For more: The Dutch Judicial System - it is O.K. to hurt and Insult Muslims


Further to Do You Call It Islamic Terrorism? Over the last thirty years 99.96% European terrorism emanating from non Muslim sources. Yet, far too many people think that Muslim terrorists are hiding under the bed! This is how Israel controls your media and this is happening because 96 % of Worlds media is controlled by just zionist companies.

The Dutch Judicial System is clearly saying that it is O.K. to hurt and Insult Muslims.  



Move to acquitt anti-Islam Dutch pollie

Toby Sterling
October 16, 2010 - 1:59PM

Dutch prosecutors have asked judges to acquit anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders on all charges of inciting hate and discrimination against Muslims, in a case seen as testing the limits of free speech versus religious freedom.

The move Friday by prosecutors signalled their belief the case against Wilders was weak, although judges could still disagree and convict him. The defence begins its case next week and a verdict is scheduled for next month.

The case is being closely watched in many European countries, where immigration has created a backlash of anti-Muslim sentiment and boosted nationalist parties that are outspokenly negative toward Islam and Muslims.

Muslims complained to Dutch authorities that Wilders crossed the line when, among many slurs, he compared Islam to Naziism and the Koran to Hitler's manifesto, Mein Kampf.

Prosecutors told the court that Wilders' statements may be "hurtful" or "insulting" to Muslims but there was insufficient proof to convict him of trying to polarise Dutch society into antagonistic groups. He has never called for violence.
Wilders, who had frowned throughout Friday's hearing, broke into a wide smile as the prosecutors concluded by running through the charges against him and asking for acquittal on each.

"I don't insult, I don't incite hate, I don't discriminate," he said outside the courtroom afterward. "The only thing I do, and will keep on doing, is speaking the truth."
In her summation, prosecutor Birgit van Roessel said Wilders' statements were made as part of the public debate "about the immigration and integration of non-western foreigners, especially Muslims."

"Standpoints can vary considerably and emotions can run high but ... it is a debate that it must be possible to have," she said.

In one example cited by prosecutors, Wilders wrote in a 2007 opinion piece: "I've had enough of Islam in the Netherlands; let not one more Muslim immigrate," and urged that the Koran be banned.

The prosecutors said that statement, like others, was within the legal bounds of public debate.

Many of Wilders' statements seemed to denounce Islam as an ideology or its the growing influence in the Netherlands, rather than being intended as an abuse of Muslims as a people or group, Van Roessel said.

Prosecutors had initially declined to press charges against Wilders at all but were ordered to do so by an appeals court that ruled there was significant evidence against him.

Muslims, mostly from Morocco and Turkey, comprise about six per cent of the Netherlands' 16.5 million population.
If convicted, he could be sentenced to up to a year in jail, though a fine is more likely.

A right-wing government that depends on Wilders' Freedom Party to reach a one-vote majority in parliament took office on Thursday, making him one of the nation's most powerful politicians.

Although not a member of the ruling coalition, many of his election planks have been incorporated in the plans of the minority cabinet. They include measures to turn away more asylum seekers, halve the number of new immigrants from nonwestern countries, ban the public wearing of face-concealing Muslim garb and force immigrants to pay for their own mandatory citizenship classes.